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Electronics lab

Flux 8.070 Electronics lab

The MsM-group has several fully equipped measurement laboratories to do all the required measurements. Measurements on AD/DA converter ICs and RF and Microwave Transceiver building blocks like Spectrum analysis, S-parameter measurements, signal generation and probing on wafer can done at frequencies up to 140 GHz in the 220 m2 shielded Electronics lab located in the Flux building, room 8.070. This unique lab has no interferring WiFi or GSM signals, climate stable environment, ESD protected workspaces and an entry sluice to keep the room fully shielded while entering the laboratory. The room has windows to have daylight entering which attenuate signals from 900MHz till 80GHz with at least 60dB. Inside this laboratory there are 3 probe stations, including 1 in a nitrogen environment. Flexible RF sampling front-ends with software defined post processing are available up to 2.7 GHz. Measurements at frequencies higher than 30 GHz are done in close cooperation with industrial partners.

Flux 8.070 - Electronics Lab

Figure 1: Flux 8.070 - Electronics lab

Figure 2: Glove box with probe station inside Electronics lab.

Flux 8.058 Rework laboratory

There is a special rework laboratory for soldering, drilling and milling (Flux 8.058).

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