Figure 1: Anechoic chamber including a near-field scanning setup for antenna measurements.

CWTe labs are a set of co-located and integrated laboratories, occupying about 700m² on the 8th floor of the Flux building. They bring together labs for all different subdisciplines of wireless systems, allowing the study of complete wireless systems as well as their individual elements.

The labs are fully shielded to avoid interference from outside sources as well as allow experiments with signals that are not allowed "in the open air".

CWTe and Keysight are working together on advanced measurement techniques in these labs.

CWTe labs consist of:

  • A shielded anechoic chamber for antenna measurements, including a near-field scanning set-up. Read more here.
  • An electronics lab set up for both on-wafer and PCB-level characterization and debugging of electronic circuits, including facilities such as multiple probestations (including one inside a glovebox and one with a multi-wavelength laser cutter), advanced mm-wave test equipment, die and wirebonding facilities and (in a separate room) a PCB milling machine, 3D printer and SMD rework station. Read more here.
  • A fully shielded lab for special measurements such as very small signal levels, where the measurement equipment can be located outside of the shielded room.
  • A system integration and propagation lab to set up realistic test beds and validation experiments, including a 60GHz antenna (and antenna-on-chip) measurement chamber. Read more here.
  • A lab for use by external research organizations and companies that want to take advantage of our research facilities while still maintaining a level of privacy and security.
  • An "Optical Access and Local Area Network" lab. Read more here.

For more information, please contact Rainier van Dommele.

Attached is the presentation that was shown during the official opening of the labs.

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