The Centre for Wireless Technology at the University of Technology Eindhoven offers the following services:

  • Research projects, organized through long-term research programs and on-demand
  • Access to infrastructure, such as our labs
  • Consultancy on wireless (sub)system topics
  • Soon: Education towards wireless systems architect
  • Knowledge dissemination through this website, colloquiums, and a yearly research retreat

We also offer:

  • A "Main entrance" for any wireless-related questions and requests.
  • Interface to the industry for (valorization of) wireless technology.
  • Definition and initiation of wireless research projects across multiple research groups.
  • (Support for) Acquisition of (funding for) such research projects.

Even though CWTe offers many services, this does not include web & forum space for hackers, sorry... Please refrain from abusing this website ;-).

Upcoming Events

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